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Irwin Berent

Irwin is the co-creator of, the business that makes you look great with a professional short bio, delivered fresh and hot to your (virtual) door.
In addition to writing short bios, Irwin Berent is the CEO of ShortBios, Writers Software SuperCenter, and Norfolk History Publishers; author of The Right Words; Getting Your Words' Worth; Weird Words; The Quotable Conservative; Fundamentalism; Drug Legalization; Norfolk, Virginia: Evolution of A City in Maps;  Norfolk, Virginia: A Jewish History; Sourcebook For Jewish Genealogies and Family Histories; Crewmen of the U.S.S. Monitor: A Biographical Directory, etc.; creator of BioBuilder Templates & Questionnaires for Do-It-Yourself Bio Writing and StoryCraft Software; founder of the Plain Writing Association, and webmaster of,,, and
Irwin Berent